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My Introduction at Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic

On Saturday afternoon, I attended the YFC for my first group session. Granted I totally forgot and assumed that I was there to see my new Occupational Therapist! (classic CFS brain fog).  The group session was basically an introduction to the rehabilitation and therapy we would all have access to in order to continue living with… Continue reading My Introduction at Yorkshire Fatigue Clinic

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So, some readers may know that I USED to suffer from driving anxiety. Recently this had lifted and only made an appearance when driving under pressure. Great news for the driving test then(!) However, on 4th April, 4th time lucky, I PASSED! I left for work before my boyfriend woke up, crept downstairs to eat… Continue reading I FINALLY PASSED

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This might come as something totally new to some people, but yes, I have anxiety. No, I may not seem like I have anxiety, that's because not everyone who suffers is the quiet one that doesn't talk or go out. I've been thinking about writing about this for a while, so I'm sitting here trying… Continue reading Anxiety

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How I deal with chronic fatigue

I've had a lot of messages from people who are also experiencing different levels of fatigue in regards to how I manage myself and my energy levels. Some days, the short answer is: I don't. It is hard to balance my energy levels every single day, and sometimes it is hard to go to work… Continue reading How I deal with chronic fatigue

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Why I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions. It's a no from me. There is too much negativity surrounding the turn of the new year as it is, without you putting so much pressure on yourself to diet, eat less of this, or do less of that. In my mind, it is putting far too much pressure on yourself that… Continue reading Why I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions


I survived Christmas

I haven't had the time or energy to blog about anything recently, but I thought I would write a little update now that nationally, Christmas has very much been packed away into the loft and various cupboards*. I am somewhat fumbling around for something to occupy myself with before I go back to work for… Continue reading I survived Christmas

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PVFS: The Diagnosis

Some of you may know that I have been struggling with fatigue and chronic pain recently, ever since last summer when I was diagnosed with the viral infection glandular fever. It is caused by IM (Infectious Mononucleosis) that most people come into contact with when they are very young and often show no signs or… Continue reading PVFS: The Diagnosis


September Journal Challenge

Last month, I was really loving my scrapbook and one of my favourite crafters MyGreenCow (Daisy) had announced a 'September Journalling Challenge'. I was interested in taking part, but wasn't sure I could keep up with it. Well, I can safely say, it is October, and, despite falling behind on a few days, I kept… Continue reading September Journal Challenge

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What if the hokey kokey is what it is all about?

"There is no such thing as a stupid question" I quite agree, BUT, there are some that you just do not want to even consider saying out loud - in front of people, right? Ever had one of those really stupid questions that you're too embarrassed to ask? Or are you one of those people… Continue reading What if the hokey kokey is what it is all about?

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My Ultrasound experience and what they found

This does get a LITTLE bit TMI, but bear with. I wanted to write about my experience at the Radiologist for those who may be scared or nervous to go for their appointment.